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Top Ten terms

  1. study participants (subjects*, participants) — 4279 views
    “The people included in a study” … (read more)
  2. statistically significant — 3446 views
    “A result that is unlikely to have happened by chance. The usual threshold for this judgement is a likelihood of less than 5%” … (read more)
  3. research evidence (research findings, research results) — 3341 views
    “The findings of studies, including systematic reviews” … (read more)
  4. non-randomized study (non-experimental study, observational study,) — 3253 views
    “A category of studies that does not use random allocation to assign participants to treatment comparison groups” … (read more)
  5. fair comparisons of treatments — 3141 views
    “Studies designed, conducted, reported and interpreted to minimize bias and the play of chance in measuring treatment effects” … (read more)
  6. evidence to decision framework (evidence to recommendation framework, EtD framework) — 2935 views
    “A structured format for going from evidence to a decision that includes key background information, assessment criteria for making a decision and conclusions” … (read more)
  7. treatment effect (clinical impact, estimate of effect, impact) — 2747 views
    “Changes (increases or decreases) or differences in health outcomes as a result of treatments” … (read more)
  8. margin of error (CI, margin of error,) — 2722 views
    “A measure of uncertainty due to the play of chance” … (read more)
  9. cost-effectiveness (cost-utility) — 2681 views
    “The cost of a treatment in relation to its effects” … (read more)
  10. index test — 2651 views
    “A diagnostic test that is being evaluated against a reference standard test in a study of test accuracy” … (read more)